Maton Guitars Event in Franklin, TN on July 11th, 2017

Maton Guitars Event in Franklin, TN on July 11th, 2017

I bought a brand new Maton Acoustic Guitar about a month ago from Artisan Guitars in Franklin, TN. I have wanted one of these guitars for a long time and finally broke down and bought one. I had to sell my Martin 000-15m that I played for the last few years to help finance it.

Artisan Guitars invited me to a Maton Guitars Event that was held about a week ago in Franklin at the Little Brick Theater. It was their way of saying thanks for buying a Maton from them. It was a real treat. I got to see Andy Allen (Custom Shop Builder at Maton), Tommy Emmanuel, Joe Robinson, and a 12 year old kid from Croatia named Frano Zivkovic. The amount of talent on that stage was incredible.

Anyone looking for a great playing acoustic guitar that sounds incredible amplified should check out Maton guitars. There are only 4 dealers in the US and luckily Artisan Guitars is only a little over 100 miles away. I can’t wait until I can get enough money to buy another one. They are THAT good..

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