Playing Gigs During Summer Months

So I this has been a summer of learning for me after playing guitar since 1998. I have been playing quite a few of outside gigs with my duo The Gosh Darns. Some of these shows have been in weather close to 100 degrees and very high humidity (75% and up). First thing I notice playing acoustic guitar is my hands are sweating a lot and fingers are dragging on the strings.

Always doing research, I discovered a lot of pros use baby powder and/or corn starch to keep their hands dry while playing guitar during summer months. I tested it out last weekend at two gigs and it worked perfectly.

Another problem electric guitarists run into is using tube amps outdoors. I am mostly playing acoustic these days, but in my research I found out it is pretty common to use some kind of fan pointed at the back of the amplifier to help keep the tubes from getting excessively hot. Seems like a good tip.

I still have nothing but good things to say about the D’Addario Humiditrak – Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature Sensor. I just ordered another one of these units for my electric guitar. It takes the guess work out and I can maintain a good relative humidity in my acoustic guitar case by either using silica gel or bamboo charcoal if too wet, or an oasis humidifier if too dry.

Any working guitar players out there? What are your tips for playing during summer months?

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