RANT: Frontier and Internet Speed Tests

I currently live in a small town, Crossville, TN. This is a terrible place to live for someone tech savvy like myself. I rely on internet to do various jobs, including writing on this blog.

In my neighborhood, the only carrier available other than Satellite is Frontier and they are awful. I have to call them at least once a week to troubleshoot why my internet is so slow. This has been going on for over 10 years.

Recently, I started to research speed test accuracy and found some interesting information. It turns out, most speed tests are significantly inaccurate. Speedtest.net is a longtime favorite by most and I read that can be off as much as 40% because it is calibrated since it is flash based.

I did a few google searches and came across speedof.me and test.my and these tests are supposed to be more accurate because they HTML5 based and they download different packet sizes to take an average.

Frontier has been fighting with me saying my speeds are right where they need to be because the Frontier Speed test, that is based on Ookla (speedtest.net), shows the speeds they are looking for. If I check my speed on any other speed test, it is 50% or more lower.

I am paying for 12mbps since that is the fastest available in my area. Frontier Speed Test gets as high as 13mbps, but other speed tests are showing closer to 4mbps.

I am using a NETGEAR – N900 Dual Band Gigabit Wifi Router (WNDR4500v2) that was recommended by one of the field techs that visited a few years ago. If I use the Frontier Modem built in wifi, I get even slower speeds.

I am going to continue to fight with them until they get me the speed I am paying for.

Make sure you’re not getting ripped off from your ISP. Check your speed here: http://internethealthtest.org/

If you are a Frontier customer having issues, I recommend to contact the executive team and bypass the people at the bottom. https://frontier.com/office-of-the-president-form

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